About Us

Ashley Snyder


Ashley is a driving force behind our business and as a client, you have probably spoken to Ashley multiple times. She greets you at our office, answers the phones and drives customer support all along the way. rAshley is a mother of two little girls and loves meeting couples as they begin their new lives together. Her secrets include a love for all reality TV programs, dancing a pretty avid football fan. We are glad to have her on staff and you will be glad to partner with Ashley from start to finish of your event.

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Brad Ford

bio_bfordBrad is our resident rock star and from time to time, we do catch him living out his former life of rocking out on an imaginary stage! As a member of the rock band Bleach, Brad brings a ton of experience to the table for your event. He understands that details play a large part to ensuring success to your event. He has an intense comprehension of how an event flows and can assist in staging the best possible outcome for every type of event. Outside of an entertainer, you also get a event planner with Brad. His reviews are consistent about how well the event flows, the perfect mix of music due to his extensive library and most importantly, he does it all with a smile. Brad is a true professional and will bring a wealth of experience that is hard to match.

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Brian Snyder

bio_bsnyderBrian is the owner and founder of Snyder Entertainment. His past resume includes radio host with Clear Channel Nashville (107.5 The River) as a part of the Woody and Jim morning show. Brian has owned and operated his own business for over ten years. A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University in Mass Communications with a concentrated focus on radio and television production.

His role is to focus on the entertainment industry and identify trends quickly to make them available for clients. Additional responsibilities include marketing, employee training and customer service. The wedding industry is a consistent focus for Snyder Entertainment and they network with many local professionals to share best practices, consult for future events, and strategically partner with industry leaders. The Snyder Entertainment staff will attend multiple national level conferences throughout the course of the year to ensure they are relevant, staying creative and more importantly, learning.

Brian has a passion for music and his selections generally fall into the Top 40 category. Outside of work Brian loves to spend time with his family…Ashley, Maclaine and Reagan. Snyder says, “my passion is people and connecting with them. The entertainment industry allows me to meet and connect with people on a weekly basis…that’s the easy part. Making sure they have a night to remember is the fun part!”

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Donald Snyder

bio_dsnyderDonald is our Operations and Logistics manager for every event. As our team continues to expand and the scale of events get larger…so is our warehouse space. His responsibilities include prepping gear and ensuring all equipment is top condition, both aesthetically and functionally. We test gear before we use it live in events and we also check out gear so we have an exact idea of what is going in and out of our buildings. This way we can ensure in the unlikely situation of equipment malfunction, we have support to assist remotely. Donald is one of our finest road techs with a complete understanding of setting up sound equipment, lighting equipment, photo booths and more. Although you will probably not see him at your event, you will no doubt see his work! Truly an unseen hero in our business.

J Clark Anderson

bio_jcandersonJ Clark started as a music mixer with our team several years ago and has moved up to one of our most requested DJ’s every year. His strength is connecting with people and really creating a genuine relationship from the first meeting until the day of the event. If you found him alone on a Friday night he would probably be turning up the radio to Classic Rock favorites, but on the day of your event you can guarantee he is locked into your choices. Truly a favorite personality of multiple top wedding vendors around the Nashville area for his constant smile, his “can do” attitude makes the stress of those big days seem a little less. When you hire J Clark it is safe to say it is time to get your music and dancing shoes ready…he is ready to play!

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Jitin Chatlani

bio_jchatlaniJitin is our most tenured team member and brings so much to the table as an entertainer. He is never at a loss for those critical situations when something changes at the last minute…and in the event world, those things happen regularly. Quick witted and always looking for a solution ensures smooth performances, less headaches and overall peace of mind for his clients. Jitin is also a “details” person and would rather know too much information that not enough about your event so he can help use his experience to create a flawless evening. Jitin is a personal fan of the “Indie” music scene and a connoisseur of the Motown era. Jitin is celebrating his own special event coming up soon as he will be getting married to his longtime love Samantha. He has chosen the Snyder Entertainment team for his entertainment and for lighting design. Laid back and lots of style is how most people describe Jitin; we just say, that’s our Jitin.

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Matt Morris

bio_mmorrisMatt is without question the team member with the most talent. His handsome good looks can be deceiving, this guy can tear up the dance floor. Sometimes it is from behind the DJ booth, sometimes it is on the floor. Polished like a season veteran on the microphone and ready for the new generations of brides, Matt has his following of clients and wedding vendors. Along the way of being a music mixer, an emcee for us , he has discovered a passion for lighting design. He started out with simple uplighting events to multiple monograms per room, wash lighting, string lighting and more. Matt is the master for Sweet 16 events, proms, and those non traditional weddings that are becoming the new normal. He may be guilty of wearing bolo ties, but he does bring a certain swagger to each event that is second to none.


Steven Clawson

bio_sclawsonEasily our best looking team member, Steven is a welcomed asset to our team. He is our newest addition to our offerings and we cannot wait to get him plugged into your event. He provides ceremony music and his sultry voice as a solo musician or band for your event. Well known on the local music scene as a world class vocalist and songwriter, he really can spice up your event. If he looks familiar to you, there is probably a good reason for that. He was on American Idol and runner up on CMT’s Next Superstar. Guaranteed to get compliments from your guests when they hear one of the most genuine voices sing on your special day. And if you are looking to kick things up a little, you are in luck as he can provide a full band! Curious to learn more, you can hear his music right here on iTunes.

Thames Jackson

bio_tjacksonThames is our most passionate team member and believe it or not, one of our most requested for events. He has been leading our photo booth business from the very inception and knows how to make the booth just more than taking pictures. He gets involved with your guests, encourages funny posing, directs them to get the best picture and always get incredible results. Thames is highly involved with your venues to ensure the booth is at the perfect location for your guests and conveys all of that information back to the clients. It goes hand in hand that the photo booth is our most popular event option and Thames is often requested to be there with our booths!

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